Masterpost of the boys shipping Ziam

An anon asked me for a masterpost of various posts so yeh, enjoy x


In which it looks like Harry’s saying “Fuck Ziam”

In which Niall pushes Ziam together

Louis watching with puckered lips as Liam turns and sees Zayn coming in to kiss him.

Harry outing Ziam

Liam serenading an oblivious Zayn. Louis smiling because Ziam.

Liam looking away guiltily, Louis feeling Zayn’s hurt, smirking because Ziam.

Harry smiles at boyfriends being boyfriends

Zayn smiles at his boyfriend singing to him.

Zayn and Liam sing to each other. Liam looks like he’s about to come in for a kiss omfg, Louis grinning because Ziam.

Liam grins when he looks at his boyfriend, Louis smiling because Ziam.

fetus harry shipping fetus ziam

At 3:01, Louis sits in between Zayn and Liam and glances back and forth between them

Louis had to pick someone for Liam to impersonate at the Detroit concert on June 2nd, look at the way he smiles before picking Zayn :’) Louis ships Ziam. (Around 5:12)

And Ziam again at 5:36 & 5:40

At 1:21-1:23 I almost thought Louis was going to make Liam and Zayn kiss or something. I mean look at how Liam looks at Zayn at 1:23 (pause it).

None of these are my ownnn, credit to orig blogs who posted them. x x x x x

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